Chobots Virtual World Review – Review Education For kids

As is the case with any virtual worlds for kids, parents have a number of reasonable concerns.  The top priorities are the safety of the site, and whether there are any costs attached to using the site.  While Chobots offers a few games which your child can play for free, and contains a forum with topics which may be of interest to older kids, they cannot gain the full advantages of Chobots without becoming a paid member.  You can purchase Chobots membership on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly basis.Becoming a paid member of Chobots gives youngsters the opportunity to play more games on the site.  It also offers kids the chance to buy Chobots merchandise.  Not only is there very little accessible to non-members, the site is extremely vague regarding the specific benefits one can receive with membership.However, for the youngest children, there is a nice variety of games.  While all of the games mainly directed toward young kids are fun, many are also educational.  Science, math, language and social studies all find their way into these nice games.  They can also print their own stationary, and send e-cards to their friends and family members.The bright colors of all the logos and graphics will make this site especially attractive to young kids.  There are videos, puzzles, and special holiday features as well.If you focus mainly on the Primary Games features of this site, you will find a considerable amount of educational entertainment for the younger children in your family.  There is plenty for them to learn and to do.  Children of elementary school age will love it.  Many preschoolers will enjoy some of these features, too.  For parents as well as teachers, a handy guide is included to make it easier to find the games and activities which are the most suitable to each child’s age group.  You as a parent will appreciate how much they can learn while having so much fun.Older kids, however, will not have as many opportunities on the Chobots virtual world site.  There is a higher focus on expense than on having fun or learning.  Generally speaking, only the youngest children will gain the most enjoyment and satisfaction from Chobots.

Webkinz Review – Review Education For kids

Webkinz is one of the most popular virtual worlds for kids.  There are a number of very good reasons for this.  First, while a deluxe membership is necessary for many of the site’s features, there is plenty for kids to do without paid membership.  When you purchase a Webkinz toy for your child, he will have the access code he needs to begin playing on the site.  Second, this virtual world is a safe place for kids.  Third, it is an educational experience which your children will benefit from and thoroughly enjoy at the same time.The cute animal graphics on Webkinz will appeal to kids of all ages.  Their colorful, whimsical designs are meant to portray the Webkinz plush animals that you can find in your local store.  Nearly every child has a favorite Webkinz animal.  If he doesn’t, he surely will after visiting this site.The educational value of the Webkinz virtual world is sure to please parents.  While your youngster may not realize he is doing anything but having a good time, learning will be incorporated in the fun.  Reading, writing, spelling, and basic tasks are included, as well as teaching the values of responsibility, fairness, and concern for others.As almost all children love crafts, this is one of the nicest highlights of the Webkinz virtual world for kids.  There is a large assortment of crafts which will interest your child, made even better by the fact that there is something for every age group.  Your child can make all kinds of decorations, useful items, and objects which are just for fun.  Most of the crafts described on Webkinz are relatively easy for most children, use safe products, and do not require much adult supervision.Recipes are another impressive feature of the Webkinz site.  Your child will delight in trying many of these recipes, and taste-testing them when they are finished.  He might also like the party ideas described on the site.  He can have a celebration with friends and family, while showing off his new talent with recipes.Webkinz offers a wealth of activities for children.  It is one virtual world for kids where children have much to enjoy even if they do not pay for membership.